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Because of the shortage of animals we have decided to end sales through this web site for a while.
Current customers may contact us through our telephone number or email address. 

We will be leaving this site up for a short time but the information will not be updated.

We offer Black Angus influenced cattle for sale in the pasture. Our animals are sold live in the pasture for processing and delivery in Oklahoma .

The reason we do not call our animals "Grass-Fed" is
the USDA has issued a legal definition for the term "Grass-Fed".
It says for a product to be labeled "Grass-Fed"
the animal can only have grass (forage) and its mothers milk for its entire life.
(very difficult to do in Oklahoma)

Grass-Land ?
Our animals are always on grass pasture , clover when available. They are never confined in a "feed lot."  They only receive enough supplemental feed to balance their diet with the protein and energy that is available from the grass.

We select animals that will have a hanging weight between 600-700 pounds at the end of the grass fattening period.
Your beef will be dry-aged at the processor for approximately 14 days. This process adds greatly to the flavor and tenderness of the beef.

You will pay your share of the processing charge to the meat company when you pickup your Beef! *Some of the processors do not take credit cards*

**Remember you will not be charged sales tax on your share of the Live animal or on the meat processing**

How much beef will I take home?
The average Black Angus animal will yield (in the box to take home)
70-75 percent of hanging wt.

Your Beef will be Dry Aged for about 15 days before it is cut, wrapped and frozen.

The approximate distribution of meat 20% T-bone, Rib steak or Rib eye, Sirloin Steak
16% Round or Cube Steak
26% Roast, Short Ribs, Brisket
38% Lean ground beef

If you order 1/2 animal your share of the animal will be cut to your specifications. Don't know how you want it cut? We can help!

Processing Plants:                               City
Chickasha Meat co.                    Chickasha
Thunderbird Meat processing      Norman.
Walke Bro  Meat Co.                  Claremore.

Fee for delivery of the animal to the processor.

Claremore & Chickasha  $40 per 25% Share
Norman                       $30 per 25% share

Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost for one 25% Share?

Our average Natural Grass-Land Black Angus influenced animal will have a hanging wt of 600 lbs. If you order 1- 25% share you would be buying approximately 150 lbs hanging wt. Current price for the animal is $3.60 per lb hanging wt. 150 lbs x $3.70 = $555

.Delivery fee to the processor $30-40 per 25% share, depending upon the distance. You will pay the processor for cutting and ageing your beef. The average charge is $.65 per lb hanging wt plus $15 harvest fee. 150 lbs x .65 = $97.50 plus $15 = $112.50
Total for animal and processing $698 for one 25% share, this is a close approximate, because the animals will vary in size and each processor is a little different the actual cost could be 15% or more different higher or lower.

Remember there is no sales tax added to the cost of the animal or processing. You will be saving approximately $70 in sales tax.

 How much will I get?

 The average Black Angus influenced animal will yield in the box 65-75 percent of hanging wt. depending on the amount of deboning and if the organs are saved.

150 lbs hanging wt @ 70% = 105-110 lbs in the box.

 How long will it hang for ageing?

The minimum hanging time we request is 14 days and depending on the processors cutting schedule it may hang longer 21 days is max for a grass fed animal with adequate fat cover.

 Can I get the animal cut the way I want?

Yes, but you must order ½ animal to specify cutting instructions.

The processor will divide the half for you if you are sharing with another family.

If you are ordering 25% of an animal it will be cut as described on the Grass Land/ Health page.

We are listed on other web sites. Some information is correct and some is not. We keep the information on this site current with producer practices. If you have any questions please use the contact page.

See the (How to Order) page





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